Quality Control (Qc) of Silver Jewelry at Karma Enterprise

Minimalist jewelry manufacturer in India

At Karma, we have an obsession all things great quality. We believe to achieve final output high standard quality is only possible when we implement it from sketching phase!

From sketching to accurate 3D views translated to CAD Designing followed with world class rpt camming and wax, we further ensure the casting and filling process is accurately followed. 

High Quality Dimaond setting and Silver Jewelry Mnufacturing

While hand setting of Dimaonds is an certainly an art form, so is achieving maximum polish done by hand with use of technology and tools is a very good example of art and science! 

The buffing and polish process is carried out very carefully, at times it is redone until the artisan is satisfied.

Final high polish process is a success only when the previous steps are followed diligently using the best tools, techniques, technology and above all a highly passionate team to execute it. 

We are glad to share unedited videos to give you a glimpse of our Quality. You can confidently work with us on your projects and orders.

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About Karma Designs

Karma Designs supplies a wide range of Silver, Gold and Diamond Jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants in the USA, UK, Canada and other countries. Our designs are unique and modern which is suitable for any occasion. We also take custom orders from our clients.


Minimalist jewelry manufacturer

Karma Designs is a certified company and follows all Quality Assurance System standards to maintain its product excellence from start to finish.

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